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  • Manufacturer of wood to the garden
  • Manufacturer architecture to the garden


Small houses

We erect functional and aesthetically made garden small houses, being perfect places for spending summer days. The offered objects are not only used for living purposes, since we make also sheds for tools and outside toilets. Small surfaces and simplicity of wooden houses make us realise the customers' orders very quickly and for very attractive prices.



Everybody remembers wonderful, totally light-hearted moments spent on the wooden playgrounds. These places are the leisure centres for the youngest children, encouraging with plethora of possibilities. Our company specialises in their production, combining merry-go-rounds, slides and swings, so that they can give not only the greatest joy to children but also can be the safest place for them. All our goods are certified, and they distinguish themselves with originality and aesthetic workmanship.



Wooden gazebos available in our offer are made in various styles – English, Japanese, modernist and classical, therefore they meet the tastes of customers with different requirements. They are robust constructions, perfect for allotments and gardens, that enable effective rest, comfort meetings with friends in a comfortable atmosphere, and they protect against raining as well. We combine beauty with functionality.


Small architecture

We offer functional and various wooden products for the garden, among the others: wooden pots, wooden fences, wooden grates. Count on the proven quality of workmanship, a great variety of products and low prices. We present the collection of produced-by-us wooden garden furniture, for creation of which we choose the best materials and we protect them with proper impregnates. Therefore, our swings, benches, tables and chairs are very durable, they perform well in any space and give comfort to their users. We focus on simplicity in which there is natural elegance and which is widely used.





 About us

For almost twenty years, the company “ZPD” Edmund Marczak has dealt with design and production of aesthetic and useful products of wood for the garden.

We offer among the others:

garden gazebos, wooden slings, wooden garden furniture, playgrounds, bridges, square beams, palisades, wooden fences, roll borders, garden wooden small houses, wooden pots, paling and kennels.

We focus on quality!

In a word – everything which the wooden garden architecture is based on. We concentrate on the sale of products designed by us, but we also realise untypical orders of our customers. We invite you to our outlets where there is also the exhibition of our products. We are waiting for you!

Products of wood have their good time at the moment. No material compares to classical and warm form of wood. All elements made of wood feast an eye, introducing sophisticated style and harmony. Wood is used also outside the rooms, in the garden or on the allotment. The cleverly designed gazebos, playgrounds, wooden garden furniture or summer small houses allow to have rest in visually attractive place, and practical as well.













Garden and construction centre Domator

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Saturday 7 a.m. – 3 p.m.

05-304 Stanisławów

ul. Warszawska 52

Tel.: +48 (25) 757 51 10


Masovian voivodeship

Sales specialist:

Eng. Bartłomiej Marczak

mobile: +48 693 936 066

Tel.: +48 (25) 757 51 10


Sales specialist:

Mariusz Prus

mobile: +48 517 704 064

Tel.: +48 (25) 757 51 10



Edmund Marczak

mobile: +48 502 68 60 98



Eng. Bartłomiej Marczak

Tel.: +48 693 936 066




Lubomin 9,

05-304 Stanisławów